Demons Within

Demons Within - Raquel Dove Ugh, I wasted money on this and the fourth book.

The Demon Born

The Demon Born - Raquel Dove The first book in the series was free and the concept sounded interesting enough. After reading the first book I was curious to see what else happened and bought the last three books hoping to find some satisfaction in the story and ending.....

Sad to say but the books got progressively worse and the addition of the AnnaBitches was just lackluster. The fourth book was a total WTF but I shouldn't have been surprised given how the third book ended up. From Alexander the Great to Alexandra the STUPID.

The cost of these books doesn't equal quality. :(

Blood Price: Cora's Choice #6

Blood Price: Cora's Choice #6 - V.M. Black I enjoyed this one more because Cora finally made a decision. The first half was filled with her usual "do I or don't I?" inner monologue that tends to get tedious after a while but it appears she may have finally snapped out of it! I have high hopes for the continuation of Cora's story :)

I sooooo want to read the reactions her friends have when they meet Dorian...

Sins of Eden

Sins of Eden - S.M. Reine So many questions left unanswered and I really want the author to bring Elise back in another series.

I never cared much for the other characters. They were too whiney or too grunty and sometimes just too annoying. Elise was by far my favorite and at the end of this book I am left wondering if she is really normal or a God inside of an avatar (hopefully the latter). Confusing but still a very good read but over too quickly :(

Dracula the Undead

Dracula the Undead - Freda Warrington I thought it was fairly decent and would consider it a 3.5. I never liked Van Helsing or the rest of the men with their self-righteous attitudes but I had high hopes for Mina and Dracula... He deserved to win this time as odd as it may sound. The end was a disappointment and the perspective it ended with was more annoying than anything. Almost as if a third book could be written but by that point Mina would be old and withered and frankly any story with Dracula would not be the same without her.

Dragos Takes a Holiday

Dragos Takes a Holiday - Thea Harrison There needs to be more Pia and Dragos!

Blood Bond

Blood Bond - V.M. Black I like the concept but all of this and the previous should have been one whole book.

The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride

The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride  - Rhiannon Frater Just wow.

The fact that the book says the next one might be out in 2012 and the website saying 2013 and now winter of 2015 is mind numbing. That is another year and some change away to wait and see what happens after such an ending!!!!

Only dislike was all the foot stomping between both books.


Fangirl - Rozlyn Sparks Short, sweet and to the point. I would have loved it more if it was longer.


Stormrage - Skye Knizley I give it a 3.5 just like the first book because a lot of stuff was left out of the ending of both books. Both times I felt like I missed a chapters worth of aftermath of a fight only to be faced with a bland scene jump ending.

Diaries of an Urban Panther

Diaries of an Urban Panther - Amanda Arista Wish there was a 3.5 star option. I enjoyed the book but all the gulping drove me nuts.

My favorite parts were the transition period with her body changing, becoming stronger, leaner and then her house cat like behavior towards the end of the book with Spencer.

Night Broken

Night Broken - Patricia Briggs I missed Mercy and sadly this book just didn't do it for me. The whole Christy situation just irritated me to the point of not wanting to read it. The way the pack treats Mercy after everything she has done is just as bad. I swear if there isn't an improvement in how they treat her after what happened at the end of this book I may never read another Mercy Thompson novel.

Also Mercy Thompson > Mercy Hauptman.

Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy, #1)

Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy, #1) - Claudette Melanson I enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to the next. Hopefully the next book will shed some light on why Ron is so accepting of Maura's afflictions but I am more interested in how she will develop/mature into her condition. The part of me that cannot stand bitches hopes that Daddy Dearest or even Maura gives Katie and her gang what they deserve. I'm also curious if Maura's mom was under some kind of compulsion all this time given how often the misty/dreamy eye topic came up.

I wonder how long I have to wait for the next one.... My least favorite part of any cliffhanger.... The wait.

Oaths of Blood (The Ascension Series)

Oaths of Blood (The Ascension Series) - SM Reine Love Elise as usual but I am soooooo annoyed with James and the constant weakness that keeps hitting Elise. I'm also somewhat happy about the end of yet another character point of view, they were exhausting and superficial and extremely irritating to read.

Sacrificed in Shadow

Sacrificed in Shadow - S.M. Reine So it's no secret that Elise is my favorite character but so far this series keeps portraying the person who should be the most powerful as some weak thing and now James wants to be the next God... Seriously?

After what he did to Elise be doesn't seem to have the intelligence to explain anything to her and he keeps making things worse. Isn't Elise suppose to be a super powerful being crafted by Lilith and having part of Eve and Yatam she even killed God! But this book and so far number two she keeps getting bitch slapped with flashlights. :(

I almost wanted to rate it lower but I still can't help but like Elise too much.

PS - someone just needs to shove Seth off a cliff already.

Paradise Damned

Paradise Damned - S.M. Reine I nearly skipped the chapters about everyone else in a rush to see more of Elise!

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